Mothers Day Gift Guide Collaboration

Mums in the travel community deserve to be spoilt & we want to make sure Mothers Day 2019 is the year they're gifted the perfect essentials for travelling.  We've scoured the online community for products / brands travel mums are searching for, but haven't found for themselves, so we can collaborate & have them all in one place, the Travel Mums Mothers Day Gift Guide.  

Launching on the 1st of April the guide will include your business name, social media & website links, plus up to 4 images each with a clickable link back to the specific product on your website.  The guide will appear on and be shared on our Facebook, Instagram & within the many travel groups we are members of.  There will be daily caravan lifestyle posts / stories to build interaction with our followers directing them to the guide.


To participate in the guide you must be willing to offer a discount using a unique code to Van Life Around Australia (For example: VLAAMDAY) & in return the percentage offered will be matched as payment to Van Life Around Australia.  

We'd like to include as many businesses as possible in the guide to provide variety, however we don't want to double up on the same products, so please make your submissions (or contact us) as soon as you are able to.  All submissions must be received by 5pm the 22nd of March, if you’re ready to register please click here & complete the submission form.  If you need to contact us at anytime, please do so on  0404 860 280 or


We look forward to collaborating with you.


Happy travels

Lorelei & Dave

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