• Tamala Station •

Next stop for us was the other side of Shark Bay, at Tamala Station.

After only pottering around to pack up at Big Lagoon & getting supplies in Denham we didn't arrive at Tamala until sunset, so had no idea where we were camping. We were lucky enough to get the Hutt Campgrounds to ourselves for two nights. When I say to ourselves...I forgot about the goats & kangaroos!

We woke to the calls of the goats & a strange noise at the side of ourvan...we were greeted with 7 goats drinking at our caravan!

Dave loved having the space to ourselves so he could shower under the stars ✨

The sunrise & sunsets are spectacular, with no wind at all the water was like a mirror.

This was our first chance for a campfire & we'd promised the kiddies a damper, apparently Mum rocks at making coconut damper 🔥💪🏽

The station has a number of camp sites scattered around, catering for different campers. The Hutts site has a dump toilet & access to water (not drinking).

The road in isnt too bad, with only some corrugation along the way. You can book your stay online, as fees are payable.

Dave can't wait to get back there, camping family make sure you look it up!

@ Tamala Station Shark Bay

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