Where the Murchison River meets the ocean. 

Kalbarri is a popular spot due to the fishing, surf and sight seeing.  Our first holiday to Kalbarri as a family was in 2012 and we all loved it.  We hadn’t planned on staying in town this time around, there is a popular camp spot south of Kalbarri known as Lucky Bay, check it out if you get a chance!  However, when we left Ledge Point my cousin from Vasse (about 2.5 hours south of where we used to live) was in Kalbarri for two nights, there was no need to twist our arm, lets go see the Kelly’s! 

When we finally arrived we were lucky the Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park was still open and had vacancies!  Plus, they are a Top Tourist Park so we save 10% on our stay (Thats a beer with lunch!).  The amenities were really handy, with family bathrooms, so the kiddies could shower without annoying anyone else in the bathrooms.  

Kalbarri is quite possibly most well known for for Natures Window, unfortunately it was closed this time around, so here is a photo from when we were there last time!






























As we were still trying to escape the Perth rain, two nights was more than enough for us.  Don’t worry Lucky Bay, we will return!

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