Fraser Island

K’gari (meaning Paradise) to the Butchulla People is the largest sand island in the world

Why you'll love it

Fraser Island is a place like no other.  Located on the east coast of Australia, only minutes by ferry from Inskip Point, near the seaside town Rainbow Beach.  With the 80km/ph sand highway running up the east coast, which also doubles as a landing strip, forever changing with each tide change you’re up for an adventure every day you leave your camp site. There’s loads of tracks ducking off into the forest to take you to beautiful lakes and creeks where you can paddle your toes or stop for a picnic.  Dingoes roam around freely (we spotted one each day!) and there’s plenty of fish to be caught!

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Where to stay

Surprisingly there’s a variety of accommodation options on Fraser Island, from camping without ammenities, to private campgrounds, to backpackers, to holiday homes to resorts!  We ditched our van for our adventure on Fraser and decided to get back to our roots by camping in tents on our inflatable mattresses.   We chose Cathedrals on Fraser, located on the east coast, because we were travelling without a lot of equipment so we were keen to use their bathroom & camp kitchen facilities.  The bonus of this campground is you’re tucked behind the dunes so you don’t get blown away when the sea breeze hits, plus you are quite safe with a dingo proof fence surrounding the camp.  Fortunately they also have affordable Safari Tents which are great for families, we cheated & spent four nights in a safari tent after our once trusty mattress had let us down (literally!) on the first two nights. 

What to see & do

Pack a picnic and head out for the day to see any of these amazing sites, or even just chill at the beach outside your camp.  We were lucky enough to be visiting Fraser with our friends from 12 in a Tent and met another travelling family Wander to Wonder Oz, so our convoy of 3 was perfect for our day trips & then hanging out back at camp.