Big Lagoon

The Peron National Park is located just outside of Denham and is an affordable alternative for those who like to camp off-grid.  After speaking to the lovely ladies in the Denham Visitors Centre we decided we’d camp at the Big Lagoon Camping Area.  We were a little disappointed as we’d hoped to camp further north, but as it was getting late we didn’t want to get “stuck” and block the only road in and out!


Once the park pass was completed (Have you got your Annual Park Pass?!  Super handy for national parks in WA) we ventured down the road and come across the “Air Down/Up Station”, we thought it was awesome!  We’d never seen one before and thought it was the perfect way for travellers not to have an excuse for not airing down when travelling on dirt roads, however we realised that wasn’t the case and everyone was driving past us without airing down.  We’ve always aired down as it makes the ride a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Before we knew it we were on our way and loving the red dirt drive into our new camp spot, watching the sunset as we drove in also made us very aware of the animal tracks on the road & we spotted our first emu.

Once we arrived we pulled into the first free designated camping bay and that was us for four glorious nights. 


The camping area has a number of bays available as well as these awesome tent platforms, had we been in a tent we definitely would’ve taken advantage of it.   The area has a boat ramp, picnic area and a couple of dump toilets too.  

Big Lagoon is great for fishing, the little guy caught a flat head and the big guy caught two massive Tailors, read more about the fishing by clicking here.

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