Francois Peron National Park

Peron National Park is located between Denham & Monkey Mia, we'd say its your first stop from Perth where the red sand meets the ocean.  We stayed at the Big Lagoon campground (read more here) so it was easy to do a day trip to see all the area has to offer.   The drive is only suited to four wheel drives as the track is generally a single lane sand track, so you need to ensure you air down at the super handy air down station.  There is some beach driving if you want to venture off the tracks, however we've learnt there's sacred aboriginal land in the area, so its best to stick to the tracks.  At a couple of the stops theres picnic tables so make sure you pack yourself a picnic.

Thermal Hot Springs
Calling the shearers in for dinner
Sheep Run
Taj pressing the wool

When you first enter the park there is the Peron Homestead.  Entry is included with your Park Pass & you get to take yourself on a self guided tour of the headquarters and finish it off with a dip in the hot tub!  At a cool 40 degrees it is quite balmy to relax in,  Dave informed us it was our bath for the night but there’s no way I was having that!

When we visited the Peron Homestead we reminisced about the last time we visited in 2010, Dave laughed about the photo we took where Shayla was cooking him dinner and we thought it looked like the old stove was holding a drunken Dave up (he wasn't really drunk, but the King Brown in his hand had us in stitches), so we recreated to include the latest addition to our family, Master Taj.  When I went digging for the old photo I discovered we were there almost to the day 7 years ago!  Crazy!


Shayla making her daddy some dinner. 27th July 2010


Shayla making her daddy some dinner with a little helper. 24th of July 2017

You'll find Kraskers Tank on the way up, we all found the story about Krasker really interesting, stop by and have a read if you get a chance!

Herald Bight on the eastern side is a beautiful calm oasis, protected from the Southerly Breeze. 

Next stop was Skip Jack Point and as Tajy was buggered after a big morning of learning to ride without training wheels he stayed in the car with Dave whilst I took Shayla out.  You walk along a decked walkway to reach a platform so you can safely look over into the water.  There's signs detailing what you could be seeing at the bottom.  First thing we said was, Taj would love this!  As soon as we looked over the edge we could see a shark moving along the coast.  A little further along the trail theres a large platform where down below we could see over 7 sharks cruising around, amazing!  

Cape Peron is at the very tip of the national park and can only be described as magical, where the red dirt meets the ocean is simply beautiful. 

Cape Peron
Cape Peron
Cape Peron
Cape Peron
Cape Peron

We highly recommend checking out Cape Peron National Park, its definitely worth the trip and if you get a chance to camp we're sure you'll love it! 

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