We've had an epic 6 months since leaving Perth in July 2017. We were aiming for a loop going clockwise, but we spotted a little sign saying "Alice Springs" just south of Halls Creek & before we knew it we were cutting through to the red centre on the Tanami.

Over 185 days we've travelled 24,671 kilometres through WA, NT, SA, VIC, TAS, NSW & ACT.

Our expenses include (but aren't limited to 🙊)
⛺️Accommodation: $3896 ($21.05 per night/$149.85 per week)
⛽️Fuel: $5481 (29.65 per day/210.80 per week)
🍹Alcohol 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️ (Lost Count!)
🍉 Groceries: $5940 ($32 per day/$228 per week)
🤗 Tours & Entry fees: $2255 ($12.20 per day/$86.75 per week)

Travelling can most definitely be done on a tighter budget...we're just not very good at it & we figure we may not ever make it back to some places so let's make the most of it.

We've moved 72 times with nights spent in the following accommodation
🚫 Free stays: 29
💜 Family: 13
⬇️ Cheap stays ($25 or less): 39
🍻 Pub: 1
🎡 Showgrounds: 7
🐮 Station Stays: 9
💰 Caravan Parks: 63
🎣 Bush Camps: 4
🏕 National parks: 17
🏡 Cabins: 2
🚢 Spirit of Tasmania: 1

Check out details of our travel path, places we’ve stayed and visited, maybe even dump points we’ve used here 

We've been lucky enough to enjoy the hospitality of family in Exmouth & Karratha. Plus meet up with loved ones along the way, who were either on holiday or in their home towns. We were even lucky enough to have my (Lorelei's) parents join us for 10 days in Tassie 💜 seeing familiar faces & spending time with loved ones is cherished whilst on the road.

A big highlight of our adventure has been the people we meet along the way, from other travelling families, to holiday makers to backpackers & everyone in between. In one way or another each of these people have had an impact on our travels & we hope to cross paths again in the future. If we've met you along the way & have a page where you share your travels feel free to add a link in the comments so others can follow you too.

If you're dreaming of taking your family on an adventure similar to ours we definitely say go for it, you won't regret it.

We can't wait for the next 6...or 7 or 8 😬 months of our adventure. We're currently in Canberra, next we'll head for the coast & then go north. We've also got two weeks in Bali & a trip back home for a week to look forward to, too. There’s loads of highlights to catch you all up on, so over the coming weeks keep an eye out & be sure to follow us on FB & Insta on @vanlifearoundaustralia

If you see us on the road give us a wave.

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